UV light flash measurement

Poor contact between the carbon strip and the overhead line leads to arcing, which is not only dangerous but also harmful to the overhead line system. These arcs can cause premature wear of the carbon strips and overhead lines, leading to high costs for repairs and maintenance. Additionally, they increase the risk of disturbances and outages in operations, resulting in disruptions to the schedule.

To prevent such problems, we have developed a measuring system for detecting arcs in overhead line systems. Our sensors capture the position, intensity, duration, and frequency of UV light flashes. These data are recorded by our measuring system and can be easily evaluated by the user with our DTK-Explorer software.

Through our measurements and analysis, we can provide precise information about the condition of the overhead line system and the quality of the contact between the carbon strip and overhead line. This way, we can identify potential problems early and rectify them before they lead to expensive and time-consuming failures. Our measurements and evaluations thus provide important data for the safe and reliable operation of railway lines.