PI switch measurement

The DTK Measuring System for Railway Switch Measurement, currently under development, is an advanced system designed to measure the condition of switches in railway networks. This is crucial because switches are a critical element of railway infrastructure, and their malfunction can lead to delays, train cancellations, and even accidents.

The DTK System for Switch Measurement will enable railway operators to quickly and accurately monitor the switches in their network, identifying and addressing wear or damage to the switches in a timely manner. The system will achieve the highest precision through the use of laser scanners and other advanced technologies, capturing all profile information of the switches and image recognition of components with great accuracy.

Accurate measurement of switches is essential to ensure the safety and reliability of rail traffic. Switches must be constantly monitored to ensure they function properly and are free of defects. Using the DTK Measuring System, operators can make switch measurement more effective and ensure that maintenance work on the switches is carried out on time.

Images of the measuring system


Investing in the accurate measurement of switches is valuable as it leads to more effective maintenance of railway infrastructure. Early detection of wear and damage to the switches allows operators to take action to minimize downtime and maintain operations. By saving labor that would otherwise be needed for checking numerous switches annually, this workforce can be better invested in maintenance to ensure the safety and reliability of rail traffic.

Videos of the measuring system