Pictures of railway platform edges hand measuring ruler

Our handheld platform edge measuring device is an essential tool for inspecting and controlling the platform height along railway tracks. Correct positioning of platforms is crucial to ensure that trains stop safely and passengers, including those using wheelchairs, the elderly, and children, can embark and disembark without difficulty. Incorrect positioning can lead to delays, which is unacceptable for railway operations, especially as it poses a risk due to a large gap between the train and platform.

Our handheld device for measuring platform edges is particularly suitable for the acceptance of newly built platforms, as it is lightweight and portable. It enables inspectors to quickly and accurately measure the platform height to ensure it meets specific guidelines and requirements.

The device is easy to use and provides precise measurements. With a robust construction and an ergonomic grip, it is designed for daily use in harsh environments. The device is equipped with a special measuring rail that allows for precise measurement of the platform edge height and the detection of irregularities.

Our handheld platform edge measuring device is an ideal tool for railway operators, engineers, and inspectors to ensure that platforms are safe and correctly positioned. We are proud to offer our customers a reliable and high-quality tool that facilitates their work and ensures the highest standards of safety on railway tracks.