GP noise level measurement

The noise level of trains often poses a significant burden for railway customers and residents. Especially on heavily trafficked routes and at high speeds, sound emissions can become unpleasantly loud, leading to health impairments and complaints. Therefore, it is crucial to measure and assess the noise development of trains to implement targeted noise reduction measures.

With our measurement system for noise level assessment on trains, we are capable of recording and analyzing the sound vibrations at the train’s wheels. By capturing sound pressure levels at the wheels, along with GPS coordinates and speeds, we can identify where elevated noise levels occur within the network and evaluate them specifically.

Our specialized software captures and processes the noise level measurement data, as well as additional data on the wheel running behavior and track geometry. Combined with our comprehensive analysis software DTK-Explorer, we can evaluate the results of the measurements in real-time and understand the connections. In this way, we are able to take targeted noise reduction measures, thereby improving the ride comfort of railway customers and the satisfaction of residents.

Images of the measuring system