3S Third Rail Measurement Contacting

Our contacting measurement system for third rail or conductor rail measurement is an essential tool for assessing and optimizing the interaction between the current collector and the conductor rail. With our equipment attached to the current collector, we can capture the height position of the conductor rail and use accelerometers to detect where impacts occur between the conductor rail and current collector. Optionally, we can also measure the electrical voltage of the third rail, the current draw and recuperated per current collector, as well as UV arcing and temperature at the contact point.

The interaction between the third rail and the current collector can be significantly improved by our measurement system, which in turn increases the system’s lifespan and
reduces life-cycle costs. A useful complement to the contacting measurement is our non-contact third rail measurement system, which allows us to capture the profiles
and wear conditions of the third rail installation.

Our user-friendly software helps you to detect significant phenomena from the measurement data, such as under- or exceeding the predetermined height of the third rail.
The evaluation of GPS data also enables a comfortable display of deviations in a map view. You can export the data to your own databases or use it for further purposes as needed.

Images of the measuring system


With our measurement system for third rail or conductor rail measurement, you gain valuable information to optimize the system of conductor rail and current collector and enhance its
performance. Contact us to learn more about our measurement system and find a solution for your specific needs.

Videos of the measuring system