EXP DTK-Explorer

The DTK-Explorer is a user-friendly software specifically designed for the needs of railway operators and the evaluation of infrastructure data. The software enables quick evaluation of large data sets and comparisons between measurement campaigns. It can also calculate quality indices and much more

The software can display all DTK measurement data as well as customer information such as mast positions, section isolators, customer chainages, and more, enabling the customer to keep a good overview of their assets
and plan necessary work effectively. The measurement results can be classified and displayed on the map in an illustrative manner, sorted by colors.

DTK-Explorer is a versatile evaluation tool with extensive features. With DTK-Explorer, it is possible to link the data of individual measurements. These links create a synergistic effect, providing significantly more information for the entire system than would be available from evaluating the data of a single measurement.

In the evaluation of measurements, the paths of several measurements can be displayed simultaneously in a clear manner. For instance, the data from a track measurement can be displayed and evaluated together with the
overhead line measurement data. The presentation of the measurement data is done in diagrams and as a track view, which can be displayed according to one’s own threshold values. The evaluations are displayed in the
track view and in the form of a table, and can be saved as .kml and .txt files for further use.

Furthermore, DTK-Explorer offers the possibility to statistically compare two measurement campaigns. This type of evaluation shows the development of the infrastructure, to draw conclusions for regulatory work and for optimal investment planning. The software is flexible, allowing it to be expanded to meet further customer wishes and requirements.