The following overview contains a list of the DTK articles about development results and products from our company that have previously appeared in the specialist literature.

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The local transportoutputYeartitle Language
The local transport7-82016This can increase track and wheel tire wearEN
The local transport7-82016This can increase track and wheel tire wearEN
The local transport122015Catenary measurement from all sidesEN
Local transport practice3-42015Causes of high wear on rails and vehiclesEN
The local transport1-22015Ironing trolleybuses on and off more easilyEN
The local transport52014Detect wear earlyEN
The local transport92013Comparative studies of interfaces in rail transportEN
The local transport42013New system for measuring contact wire wearEN
The local transport32012Optimization of the trolleybus systemEN
The local transport7+82011Analysis of the interaction between wheels and rails during drivingEN
The local transport1+22011Clearance profile measurements, recording of the clear space for rail vehiclesEN
The local transport102009Bilbao is testing new measuring systems for contact wire and wheel/rail EN
The local transport91997Investigations into the contact line-pantograph system EN
The local transport31996Contact strip and current collector EN
The local transport121994Testing and evaluation with the sensor contact stripEN
The local transport61994Sensor contact strip for current collectorsEN
eb – Electric trainsoutputYeartitle Language
eb – Electric trains122020Wear detection in the area of ​​contact wire crossingsEN
eb – Electric trains42014Standards and regulations as an infallible basis for measurement servicesEN
eb – Electric trains112013Examination of a pantograph for heavy commercial vehiclesEN
eb – Electric trains52012Infallible foundation?EN
eb – Electric trains32012Standards and regulations as an infallible basis for measurement servicesEN
eb – Electric trains102010Determination of the contact resistance from the contact wire to the contact stripsEN
eb – Electric trains8+92010Testing and improving current consumption in 3rd rail systemsEN
eb – Electric trains122009Position, wear and current transfer measurements on busbarsEN
eb – Electric trains32009Improvement of the contact between contact strips and contact wireEN
eb – Electric trains122007Current and voltage measurements on the overhead line of the Brussels tramEN
eb – Electric trains72005Testing of overhead lines and pantographsEN
Transport and technologyoutputYeartitle Language
Transport and technology122021New power extraction system for electromobilityEN
Transport and technology62021Metrological recording and evaluation of the clear spaceEN
Transport and technology12021Development of a third rail pantographEN
Transport and technology72020Noise level monitoring of wheel-rail noiseEN
Transport and technology122019Pole pantograph for wiring into contact wires while drivingEN
Transport and technology52018The development of DTK into one of the leading measurement service providersEN
Transport and technology42018Third rail systems part 2EN
Transport and technology32018Third rail systemsEN
Transport and technology22018Wear measurement of trolleybus contact wiresEN
Transport and technology102017Studies on the life cycle costs of wheel-rail and contact line systemsEN
Transport and technology42017Experiences with the new DTK-FDS-4.0 measuring systemEN
Transport and technology12017Electromobility – Where are we and where do we want to go?EN
Transport and technology92016Efficient maintenance planning with contact line and track measurement data // not yet publishedEN
Transport and technology42016The collection and systematic evaluation of infrastructure measurement dataEN
Transport and technology92015Results from wheel/rail investigationsEN
Transport and technology8th2015Results from wheel/rail investigationsEN
Transport and technology42015Ceiling busbars: problems and solutionsEN
Transport and technology112014Power transmission for electromobilityEN
Transport and technology42014Examinations of chassisEN
Transport and technology22014A new power extraction system for light rail vehicles, trolleybuses and electric mobility vehiclesEN
Transport and technology8+92013Interaction between pantograph, contact wire and vehicleEN
Transport and technology6201320 years of research and development for the benefit of transport companiesEN
Transport and technology5201320 years of research and development for the benefit of transport companiesEN
Transport and technology42013Noise level measurementEN
Transport and technology22013Recording changes to the tracks, contact lines and other infrastructure systems and determining their causesEN
Transport and technology92012New concept for an trolleybus pole pantographEN
Transport and technology42012Examination of trolleybus contact linesEN
Transport and technology22012Measuring disabled-accessible platformsEN
Transport and technology92011Turf track and covered track body – track measurement under normal track loadEN
Transport and technology5+62011Determination of the clear space and the location of buildings near the tracksEN
Transport and technology10+112010Influence of track quality on ride comfortEN
Transport and technology3+42010Wear measurement on trolleybus contact linesEN
Transport and technology122009Measurements on busbar systemsEN
Transport and technology112009Assessment of the contact quality between contact wire or busbar and sliding contact using thermographic examinationEN
Transport and technology102009Investigation into the running of the wheels on the trackEN
Transport and technology62009Concept for a measuring system for measuring wear on trolleybus contact wiresEN
Transport and technology4+52009Investigation into improving the contact quality between carbon contact strips and contact wireEN
Transport and technology122008Some visitors to Innotrans 2008 made a detour to the transport company in Brandenburg an der HavelEN
Transport and technology1+22008System investigation – current extraction from the contact wireEN
Transport and technology52007Track position measurement while driving under vehicle load to assess the conditionEN
Transport and technology32007New approach to optimizing wheel and track profilesEN
Transport and technology12007EN
Transport and technology92006Track and contact line measurement with a normal line vehicleEN
Transport and technology42006Track wear measurementEN
Transport and technology52005Catenary and pantograph testingEN
Transport and technology42005The influence of the track condition on the interaction between the pantograph and the contact lineEN
Transport and technology92004DTK system for determining flat spots when a vehicle passesEN
Transport and technology52004Measuring system for testing a metro busbar system and a third-rail pantographEN
Transport and technology62003Causes of contact line wearEN
Transport and technology8th2001Thickness measurement of the contact line as a service from DTK – GmbHEN
Transport and technology8+92000Some results of contact line testsEN
Transport and technology71999DTK concept of contact wire thickness measurementEN
Transport and technology51999New system for testing contact lines and pantographsEN
Transport and technology101998DTK concept of contact wire thickness measurementEN
Transport and technology51998New pantograph for difficult contact line conditionsEN
Transport and technology41998Testing the power extraction systemEN
Scientific contributionstitle Language
Scientific contributions12005Detection of flat spots on wheel tires based on sound measurements on the rail bodyEN
Scientific contributions12000New system for testing contact lines and pantographs EN
Scientific contributions11997System investigations – contact line, contact strip, pantographEN