About Us

Deutzer in profile

We are a medium-sized family business based in Zeuthen near Berlin.

The company was founded in 1993 by Manfred Deutzer, who is still the managing director and owner.

With our innovative developments, we carry out measurement services worldwide for transport companies and their rail vehicles such as metro, tram, mainline trains, but also for trolleybuses.

Our almost 40 employees now ensure that customers from transport companies

  • Acceptance of newly built routes,
  • regular checks or
  • Receive support, help and suggested solutions for specific problems in your networks.

We currently support more than 100 transport companies in 26 countries worldwide.

Teamwork is very important to us.

All DTK systems, hardware and software, are developed, manufactured and programmed in-house in close collaboration with our specialist departments. Some of the systems are manufactured together with customers or according to customer requirements and adapted to their needs.

Our measuring systems are constantly being developed and always kept up to date.

By offering services with these systems, all customers always receive the latest and best technology and benefit from adjustments, improvements and new developments.

Our customers also benefit from the experience we have gained through measurements over three decades.

It should be particularly emphasized that all of our measurements are carried out in normal regular service and with customer-owned rolling stock. This means that real conditions prevail during the measurements that are not possible with special measuring vehicles or with static measurements.

Immediately after each measurement, our customers receive their own measurement data, videos, sound files, etc. as well as the DTK software. A short training course explains how to use the software.
A measurement report, which we create 4 weeks after the measurement, shows the biggest problem areas and provides further approaches and tips on how to use the DTK software.

We, the DTK team, see ourselves as problem solvers and also take care of special cases and problems.

Flat hierarchies ensure quick reactions, flexibility and short-term order acceptance.

Are you interested or need specific information? Just get in touch with us.