BSK platform edge measurement

We offer a reliable and contactless measurement of platform edge heights and lateral positions in reference to the platform side rail and track plane with our DTK System “Platform Edges”. Besides the mere height and lateral position, we also capture the distance profile between the platform edge and vehicle entry to assess the platform’s accessibility.

Measured parameters include:

  • Distance of the platform edge from the platform side rail
  • Height of the platform edge relative to the track plane
  • Distance profile between the platform edge and vehicle entry
  • Height profile between the platform edge and vehicle entry
  • Speed
  • Determination of the travel distance

Optionally, we also offer precise positioning using GPS or dGPS and simultaneous recording of track geometry.


Our system replaces the previous spot-check measurement of stops with a measuring ruler and enables reliable and rapid measurement with a small measuring gap. This allows transport companies to regularly check their
stops and make necessary adjustments to ensure accessibility for all passengers.

Images of the measuring system



Our user-friendly software assists in identifying significant deviations from the prescribed dimensions and selecting individual sections. Video sequences of the panoramic view, as well as of the rail and platform contours, can be played to enable a detailed analysis of the measurement data.