FK driving comfort measurement

Ride comfort is an important factor for railway operators, as it significantly influences passenger satisfaction, and thus customer loyalty and acquisition. An uncomfortable journey can lead passengers to use alternative modes of transportation in the future, potentially impacting the railway operator’s long-term revenue. Moreover, consistently high vibrations can lead to a deterioration in vehicle quality, resulting in increased maintenance and repair costs. To address these challenges and ensure high passenger satisfaction, it is crucial to regularly measure and optimize ride comfort.

Our ride comfort measuring system allows for a reliable and precise evaluation of the vibration comfort of railway vehicles according to the ISO2631 or UIC513 standards. This involves capturing and evaluating the vibrations of the car body to determine a comfort index NMV for the three directions. This index provides an objective assessment of ride comfort and can help identify weak points and optimize the vehicle. By simultaneously conducting a track geometry measurement, causes of strong accelerations can also be identified, enabling targeted measures to improve ride comfort.

Our ride comfort measuring system is equipped with triaxial acceleration sensors inside the vehicle, which measure and record the data. The data analysis is conducted according to ISO2631 or UIC513 guidelines, enabling a detailed analysis of vibration comfort. Additionally, we offer customized data processing according to the client’s wishes, ensuring optimal evaluation and use of the results.

Images of the measuring system