U & I current & voltage measurement

Our DTK Measuring System for Current and Voltage Measurement in overhead line systems offers a reliable way to assess the quality of the electrical contact between the overhead line and pantograph.

The system captures various measurements such as current draw and recuperation, voltage, position on the track (GPS coordinates and path), and speed. All measurements are combinable and can be conducted in conjunction with other measurements, like thermography measurement.

The current and voltage measurement enables the identification of locations where the electrical contact is insufficient, particularly in cases of arcing, to prevent damage to the overhead wire and carbon strip. The measurement also allows for verifying whether the front and rear carbon strips are in contact with the overhead line and evenly drawing current, or if the current is distributed unevenly.

Our evaluation software offers various options for data analysis, for instance, to determine where voltage fluctuations and peaks occur along the track or on which sections the current transmitted over one of the carbon strips exceeds a certain threshold. The current diagram shows the current that flowed through the carbon strip, while the voltage diagram displays the voltage occurring at the contact point between the carbon strip and the overhead wire.

The current and voltage measurement is a crucial method for monitoring overhead line systems, ensuring a reliable and safe power supply for trains.