FK driving comfort measurement

Ride comfort is an important factor for rail operators as it has a significant impact on passenger satisfaction and therefore also on customer loyalty and acquisition. An unpleasant journey can lead to customers using alternative means of transport in the future and thus affect the rail operator’s long-term income. In addition, long-term high loads caused by vibrations can lead to a deterioration in vehicle quality and thus to increased maintenance and repair costs. In order to meet these challenges and ensure high passenger satisfaction, it is important to regularly measure and optimize ride comfort.

Our ride comfort measurement system enables a reliable and precise assessment of the vibration comfort of railway vehicles according to the ISO2631 or UIC513 standards. The vibrations of the car body are recorded and evaluated in order to determine a comfort parameter NMV for the three directions. This parameter enables an objective assessment of driving comfort and can help identify weak points and optimize the vehicle. By simultaneously carrying out a track geometry measurement, the causes of strong accelerations can also be identified in order to take targeted measures to improve driving comfort.

Our ride comfort measurement system is equipped with three-axis acceleration sensors inside the vehicle that measure and record the data. The data is evaluated in accordance with the ISO2631 or UIC513 guidelines and enables a detailed analysis of vibration comfort. In addition, we offer individual preparation of the data according to the customer’s wishes to ensure optimal evaluation and use of the results.