Grooved Rail measurement & Vignola Rail measurement

The DTK Track Measuring System is a system for capturing and checking the condition of track installations under normal load conditions. It records the entire track geometry and rail profiles, measuring numerous parameters such as track gauge, groove width, groove depth, rail head height, actual rail contour (wear), horizontal wear on guide and running flanks, vertical wear, twist, track superelevation/cant, torsion, course angle, ramps, longitudinal height or Top, alignment, curve radius, impacts between wheel and rail, axle running smoothness on the tracks (track pumping), position on the track (GPS coordinates and path), and speed. Optionally, rolling, pitching, yaw-running smoothness of the vehicle can be recorded.

The measuring system is installed on a line vehicle of the respective transport company and collects data at regular speeds up to 60 km/h. Every 25 cm, a data set is recorded,which can be recorded at shorter intervals at lower measuring speeds. The results are dynamic and reflect the conditions of regular passenger operation. With the latest generation of DTK track laser scanners, data set intervals of less than 2 cm can be achieved at speeds over 30 km/h.

During the measurement drive, the data are displayed on monitors to gain an initial impression of the track geometry. After a second measurement, the campaigns can be compared to detect changes in track geometry or contours. The comfortable DTK evaluation software allows the determination of all exceedances and undershoots of the measured values, as well as the display and comparison of the actual rail contour with the new contour for every track position.

The video films, recorded synchronously with the measurement data, aid in assessing problem areas. With the optional DTK Explorer, the recorded coordinates can be used in relation to the measurement data for a comfortable evaluation and map display, as well as offering many export functions for further use of the data.

Images of the measuring system


Thus, the DTK measuring system for track measurement serves to capture and check the condition of track installations, to determine rail wear, assess the overall condition, and initiate
or plan long-term suitable measures.

Optional to the track measurement data, the following can also be recorded:

  • Corrugation on the track
  • Wheel-rail interaction
  • Switches and Turnouts
  • Lower clearance gauge
  • Platform edge measurement
  • 3rd rail measurement
  • Noise level measurement

Videos of the measuring system