Wheel-Rail contact measurement

 In principle

  • all systems can be adapted and extended to meet your specific needs


  • Detection of the wheels position to the rail


  • Measurement of the distance between wheel and rail
  • All measurement data synchronized with videos and Audio comments at salient way points
  • Convenient DTK Evaluation software
  • Detailled measurement report


  • With measuring with only one laser unit wheel and rail the results of the distance is very accurate
  • Points where the wheel is climbing up the rail can be detected very easily to avoid derailing


  • The Track geometry and the rail profile can be recorded.
  • Exact coordinates for every position with GPS or dGPS
  • Software training for the handling of our software are offered

DTK Software

The DTK Software has various possibilities to evaluate the recorded data

Evaluations with the DTK Software

  • Distance between the Wheel and the Rail for both sides
  • Sum of the distances for the track tolerances