Automatic Trolleybus Hook up system

Latest pictures of the measuring system


The trolley poles shall connect to a big plate (C), on the side of the plate are guiding edges (J). The Trolleybus shall drive unter the plate. The plate itself is made from a non conductive material. Other vehicles driving under the plate are not affected by the plate. For the hook up the trolley bus is driving on a marked lane . At a minimum height of 420 cm all vehicles can pass the position under the plate (C) and the trolley poles have just a short way for connecting to the plate.

Mounted on the plate (C) are cameras (K) with a picture evaluation software. The cameras are looking downwards through a window in the Plate (C) on the roof of the Bus. If the cameras detect a Bus in the right position an sender is giving an Impuls to
the Bus to unlock the Trolley Poles. A traffic light gives the signal to the busdriver that the poles have connected to the hook up plate. When the driver is now driving on the plate guides the trolley poles upward to the overhead wire.

First principle trials

Prinziperprobung zum Ausdrahten bei Befahrung der Vorrichtung

Eindrahten mit dem Prototypen beim Verkehrsbetrieb

Ausdrahten mit dem Prototypen beim Verkehrsbetrieb